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  • Brenda Nova

Recovering Perfectionism

As a former perfectionist and present less fuck giver, I feel it my duty to express my thoughts on the possibility overcoming this shitty habit. That's what it is you know, a habit. One formed most likely when you were a little girl and expectations grew into pressure, and blah blah so it goes. Definitely my case, and I guarantee many of started early. But no matter, what Does matter is NOW.

Let me also mention, that this is hard. Requires daily effort, focus, discipline, and determination. But the other side of it so sweet!

So on to 5 tips that 's helped me get to this point of divine imperfection and is helping me to continue expanding.

  1. Release Criticizing Yourself

All perfectionists are already very familiar and uncomfortable with this first ufff This could really be a whole separate blog (and actually is hehe...check it out) as this topic is massively important and the root of most of our emotional imbalances. I won't pretend that it's easy, this one was hard af for me starting out. I didn't realize how much trash and mean things I would tell myself, constantly. How hurtful that we are also our own worst enemy at times. While I haven't "perfected" this, oh well! One day at a time and doing my best, it does get easier. We have to remember this is not an overnight fix. It wasn't overnight that we developed bad habits, so we can be gentle with ourselves.

  • Release Comparing Yourself To Other People

As if it's not enough that we'll compare ourselves to strangers you see in everyday life, social media popped up and started furking up peoples' self esteem to an epidemic proportion. Yes, I think it's that serious. We forget that we are all individuals and attempt to mold ourselves to what is popular and accepted and lose sight of the organic light shining within us ALL. Catch yourself when you start thinking about what someone else has or looks like or whatever, and stop! Focus on what you have to be grateful for and remember that you are worthy simply because you are here...also, let go of so much social media. I mean really. The amount of time we waste scrolling everyday is ridiculous, present company excluded.

  • BE in the present moment.

If you're thinking, you're not being. Life is a serious of millions of moments. How many disintegrate to negative, self sabotaging, stressful, worrisome, unnecessary thoughts? Cherish more moments in life, we don't get them back.

  • To be human is to be flawed.

NO ONE is perfect. Take it easy, we're only human for 100 years give or take.

  • Pay attention to what you pay attention to.

Take the time to observe your self. Your thoughts. Your triggers. What do you focus on when you're alone? What do you focus on when you're with people? What makes you anxious? How do you talk to yourself? How do you generally feel about yourself and others and life?

"Know thyself"

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