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  • Brenda Nova

Boss or Leader?

As I grow in days, wisdom, mistakes, blessings, lessons...I've observed, read, and listened to people in leadership. It's been fascinating to see that all bosses are not leaders. I'd ignorantly assumed that just because someone owns their own business or is in a leadership position, that they knew how to lead. I've been jumping from bill payer to bill payer and it's been quite insightful. Now one might judge that as irresponsible and unstable, but fortunately for me, I don't care. My higher self, god, source energy, is my only employer so everything always works out for me. In divine order.

Anyways, I've observed there is an obvious separation between bosses and employees. Bosses dictate, delegate and mandate. Employees do whatever they're told to keep that steady paycheck a'comin. And that's fine, I'm not judging this, maybe just a pinch..tee hee. It's just moreso confirmation of how much of a follower I am not. Leaders serve, inspire, and encourage others to be the best versions of themselves. Not for the leader's sake, but for their sake. At my current bill payer, the guy that pays me told me to think of him as my coworker. That was super interesting and the first time I'd ever been told that. Now to see if that's actually the case is TBD. Actions speaking louder and such; intriguing nonetheless. I'm thankful for the jumps because I've gotten to observe different styles of bossing. Maybe this

one will turn out to truly be a leader and I can learn a lot. God knows that's my intention. 🤓

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