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  • Brenda Nova

As I grow in days, wisdom, mistakes, blessings, lessons...I've observed, read, and listened to people in leadership. It's been fascinating to see that all bosses are not leaders. I'd ignorantly assumed that just because someone owns their own business or is in a leadership position, that they knew how to lead. I've been jumping from bill payer to bill payer and it's been quite insightful. Now one might judge that as irresponsible and unstable, but fortunately for me, I don't care. My higher self, god, source energy, is my only employer so everything always works out for me. In divine order.

Anyways, I've observed there is an obvious separation between bosses and employees. Bosses dictate, delegate and mandate. Employees do whatever they're told to keep that steady paycheck a'comin. And that's fine, I'm not judging this, maybe just a pinch..tee hee. It's just moreso confirmation of how much of a follower I am not. Leaders serve, inspire, and encourage others to be the best versions of themselves. Not for the leader's sake, but for their sake. At my current bill payer, the guy that pays me told me to think of him as my coworker. That was super interesting and the first time I'd ever been told that. Now to see if that's actually the case is TBD. Actions speaking louder and such; intriguing nonetheless. I'm thankful for the jumps because I've gotten to observe different styles of bossing. Maybe this

one will turn out to truly be a leader and I can learn a lot. God knows that's my intention. 🤓

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  • Brenda Nova

Today, Aug 6 22' was a birth of something in me and for me and through me Maybe it's more courage or self love, still not sure,  but it was something big and I feel different. I'll let divine guidance reveal to me what it was in divine timing.  First, I did a FB live, which is something I've been scared to do bc of how judgmental I usually am with myself when it comes to that kind of thing.  Second, I shed a little light on my own struggles with mental instability and a pinch of suicide. The truth is, I have tried to kill myself 4 times and the first time was when I was 11 years old.  Now, in self reflection and the constant self evaluation of my Self, I give thanks that Divine Spirit chose to save my life each time. I realize that I am here for a reason, and that it's bigger than I ever realized. It's something bigger than just the desires of my heart to be a full time vocalist that travels the world and makes a 6 figure annual income.  It's bigger than any carnal desires, and with each day I find clarity and surrender to divine guidance.  I chose to be born in the 3d realm and now at 35 years young,  choose to unleash my Self into the world.  The best is yet to come. So this is a virtual pat on the back. Look at me go!

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  • Brenda Nova

So today I was having a convo with my siblings about the fact that the 3 of us are well over our 30s,

single, and without kids. This is certainly not the norm, at least not from what I've observed; It got me to thinking "what's wrong with us?"

So then came the woe-ing is me-ing, which I did allow myself to do for a while, because it's an emotion I felt and all emotions should be allowed to be expressed, no matter how petty or whatever it may be that you feel. Let yourself feel it...Anyways, I then chose to look at this from a different angle; which brought me to the conclusion that I've been single this whole time because the universe has someone very special in store for me. AND...that my relationship with my Self is still under construction. If you are emotionally furked up, you will attract that reflection to you. I've observed and know many ppl that are in unhappy and/or unhealthy relationships. And literally was told by one person "well I don't wanna be alone so I'm settling for this." O hell naw!! How many of us are settling simply because we're afraid to be alone? How many of us are afraid to be by ourselves? After so many years of ads saying "you're not enough without this product or service or outfit, etc." it's understandable, and I judge not. But it doesn't have to be this way. Once you see the value of You, simply because you are here...again, you are valuable simply because you exist! begin to see clearly through all the static bullshit, and see that you are worthy of love, can set your standards, and accept nothing less than that. We attract who we are, not who we want. This understanding has helped soothe me. And pushes me to continue falling in love with myself.

You have to become the person that you want to attract. This is no easy task, but it is possible. It takes time, discipline, and persistence. Gift yourself with truly valuing yourself and allow the divine selection to be presented to you in divine timing.

Cheers and Blessings!

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