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"I've been singing since I could speak."


Every time I’m asked how long I’ve been singing my answer is always “since I could speak.” It really seems that since I’ve been able to speak, you’d see me with the album cover of either Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, or Whitney Houston, and I would fearlessly belt out all the lyrics to every song. I did my first studio recording at Carowinds’ recording studio at age 6 and there weren’t many school talent shows that I wasn’t in. I discovered depression and anxiety at a young age. Self esteem? Character? Emotional intelligence? I didn’t know what any of these were and how much they affected our lives. The result of the following combination:

Raised in a middle class, single parent home, the TV, a condemning and fear/guilt instilling religion, consumer/pop culture, fast food, and the public school system. No blame here just stating facts.

Food and Music were really the only things that made me happy growing up (and while they still do, they’re no longer alone on my list). It wasn’t until 11 years later that I learned how most of my life was being lived on autopilot and how much of my personal power I'd given away through ignorance, fear, social conditioning, and forgetting my true nature.

Everyone has a story. Mine is no more special than anyone else’s, it’s just my story.
We are all connected and I believe we can learn and grow from sharing our stories. Music has been a healing force in my life and I’m so passionate about the connection between music and personal growth and development because of how it’s affected my journey and continues to inspire me. My intention at this digital destination is to touch and inspire you all to the best of my uniqueness.

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